Warhammer Preview Show - The Dead and the Divine

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Games Workshop had their first Warhammer Preview Online of 2021 yesterday. It had reveals for Warhammer 40,000, Kill Team, Adeptus Titanicus, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Underworlds, and the first look at the new Warhammer Quest boxed game.

Warhammer 40,000 Header

As one of our guys, Drew put it in chat during the preview, the newest coolest Warhammer 40,000 army is getting more new, cool units.

Say hello to the Paragon Warsuit. I know this model isn't for everyone, but I'm going to take my queues from my seven year old daughter who is building her first army Adepta Sororitas. Watching the preview video she said, "She looks so cool I can't even close my jaw." There are already plenty of models out there for me. Not everything Games Workshop produces has to be geared toward my demographic. If a nun stomping around in an awesome warsuit gets young girls excited for the hobby, I only see that as a good thing.

Adepta Sororitas Paragon Warsuit

Games Workshop also stated they had more on the release roadmap for Adepta Sororitas slated for 2021 release. We will have to keep our eyes peeled. 

Warhammer 40,000 Pariah Nexus

The new expansion for Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team has been teased for quite some time, but now we get to see exactly what is in the box.

We go back to the Pariah Nexus to see the Space Marines chapter, the Ultramarines continue to duke it out with the Necrons. There were a line of Space Marines and Necrons models that had seemingly been stuck in the release cycle, but now we see that they are going to be included in this Kill Team expansion. Both sides are comprised of all new models.

The Space Marines are being lead by a Captain with master-crafted heavy bolt rifle and five Heavy Intercessors.

 Captain with master-crafted heavy bolt rifle

Heavy Intercessor 1

heavy intercessor 2

heavy intercessor 3

Heavy Intercessor 4

Heavy Intercessor 5

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the new Necrons. The Technomancer and Chronomancer make it into many of my lists. Now we don't have to use a generic Cryptek to represent the Chronomancer anymore. He gets his own model and it looks fantastic. He will be leading five Flayed ones into battle. Every release preview, my friend James responds, "WHERE ARE MY FLAYED ONES!" This one is for you James.


Flayed One

Flayed Two

Flayed Three

Flayed Four

Flayed Five

I have yet to get into Kill Team, but 100% of this box is a pickup. The more skirmish games like Warcry and Underworlds have actually gotten my parents to start playing. I'm sure I'll be playing Kill Team for some store demos and just quick skirmishes. I love the Necron terrain that's in the box as well, so that's definitely going on a gaming table. Let's see the full contents below.

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Pariah Nexus

This expansion even includes rules that enable you to run Indomitus units in your Kill Teams, such as the Assault Intercessors and Necron Warriors with gauss reapers.

Adeptus Titanicus Header


When a Warlord Titan just isn't big enough, now you have the Warmaster Titan. It comes loaded with a revelator missile launcher and a pair of plasma destructors. Nothing else even compares to the firepower this Titan possesses.

Warlord Titan

Warmaster Titan Details

Here is a little graphic that shows the scale of the Warmaster Titan compared to other Titans.

Titan Scale

Also coming soon is a new Loyalist Legios book with rules and background for 16 Titan Legions and 12 Knight Households.

Adeptus Titanicus Loyalist Legios

Age of Sigmar Header

 Teclis brings in some reinforcements to try and end the Soul Wars.

 Not only do we see a new main man, Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind, all those silhouetted models in the background are new. It looks like we are going to see a full wave two to follow up the Lumineth Realm-lords range release last year. the biggest critique I have heard is that this faction just isn't high aelves. Maybe it's time to let that go and just let the Lumineth Realm-lords be their own thing. Sorry high aelf fans, this just ain't it. Let's take a closer look at Disney's Robinhood:


Sevireth is a fox-like demi-god who gets his power from the wind spirits of Hysh. we get to see a great quiver that harkens back to the old bolt-thrower quiver, and an awesome new look of blue fire from Games Workshop on the tip of his arrow.

Sevireth Details

Archmage Teclis is going to be the focal point for book two in the Broken Realms saga. This narrative compaign shows the Lumineth Realm-lords leaving Hysh to bring the fight to Nagash.

Broken Realms Teclis

 Not only does this book push the Broken Realms narrative forward, it includes warscroll battalions for: Lumineth Realm-lords, Cities of Sigmar, Maggotkin of Nurgle, Flesh-eater Courts, and Ossiarch Bonereapers. This book has warscrolls for the new Lumineth Realm-lords previewed here and shown earlier in the week.

Also, in something that seems to be caught up in the current release wonkiness is the new Daughters of Khaine Order Battletome.

Order Battletome Daughters of Khaine

To go along with with their new battletome, the Daughters of Khaine are getting three new endless Spells. These spells include the Bloodwrack viper, Bladewind, and Heart of Fury.

Daughters of Khaine Endless Spells

I thought we would see some more about the Soulblight Gravelords that Games Workshop revealed this week, but we do get a taste in the next announcement.

Warhammer Underworlds Direchasm Header

 Warhammer Underworlds has really caught my attention since the Direchasm release. I'm able to adjust the rules to play with my children and even my parents during lock down (the only people I have been seeing in person). Every warband that has been released and shown off so far I have wanted to own because they look awesome. This next one is the best of the bunch. Say hello to the newest group to enter the mountian, the Crimson Court.

Crimson Court 1

Crimson Court 2

Crimson Court 3

Crimson Court 4

We haven't seen any Crimson Court stats or cards yet, but Games Workshop did reveal that they are going to be an aggro style warband.

Warhammer Quest Cursed City

Many of you all may not know, but those of us here at Umbrella Games have been playing board games together for a long time. Mansions of Madness, Bang!, and others took up most of our Friday nights in college. We all got back together to play Kingdom Death. It was our first introduction into a true miniatures based board game. We had been wanting to dive back into a campaign, miniatures based game and Warhammer Quest piqued our interest. The only problem was it felt a little late to get into Blackstone Fortress. I was already going to get whatever the Warhammer Quest was, but after seeing this video, my faith is rewarded.


There is only one thing I love more than vampires, and it's vampire hunters. We get a preview of two models, the vampire hunter Jelsen Darrock and Gorslav the Gravekeeper. More previews of Warhammer Quest: Cursed City are slated for the coming weeks.

Jelsen Darrock vampire hunter

Gorslav the Gravekeeper


Stay tuned to Umbrella Games for all the previews and preorders when dates are announced. If you are looking to reserve any items early, just shoot us an email or hit us up on social.

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