White Dwarf 464 Preview Featuring The Fallen

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The May issue of White Dwarf is right around the corner, and we have a preview of some of the articles we can look forward to.
White Dwarf Cover
Cypher, the leader of the fallen dominates not only the cover of this issue, but the contents as well.
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Here are some of the featured articles from this month as well.
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Index Hereticus: The Fallen

In the past, the First Legion was splintered into two by a renegade faction within the Dark Angels. This group, lead by Luthor, was forever known as The Fallen.

The long requested Index for the Fallen is finally here. We get to see what happened to them after the split, and get some official rules to play them on the table. 

Index Hereticus The Fallen

The Fallen Dark Angels

Sigmar Header

Flashpoint: Broken Realms - Anvil of Blood

In the Mortal Realms, the first Age of Sigmar Flashpoint continues. With a name like Anvil of Blood, you can guess that it's going to be very vampire focused. Included in this issue, is a framework to create your own Soulblight characters. There are guidelines for creating a Necromancer, Wight King, and both Martial and Arcane Vampire Lords. 

Soulblight Gravelords

Also included are destiny points, which can be spent on skills, upgrades, equipment, and even companions and mounts. Options galore!


That's it for this month's issue. Let us know which article you are most looking forward to.

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