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Blood Angels Preview Space Marines Warhammer 40k

Blood Angels Codex Supplement Header
With the new Space Marines Blood Angels Codex Supplement going up for pre-order this weekend, the Warhammer Community team has decided to give us all a preview of some stand out rules from the book.
Blood Angels vs Tyranids
The Blood Angels are meant to be an in your face close-combat Chapter of the Space Marines. Their Chapter Detachment ability, Savage Echoes reflects that. When Assault Doctrine is active, they gain double Shock Assault.
Blood Angels Savage Echos
An additional buff is given to one of the Blood Angel's signature units, the Death Company. They gain +1 Attacks on the charge, and a 6+ Feel No Pain.
Blood Angels Black Rage
One of the big changes in this round of releases is the fact that all Space Marines are part of the Codex: Space Marines. Before, non Codex Compliant Chapters like the Blood Angels did not have access to the Stratagems that other Space Marines could use. Now, Blood Angels get access to all those Warlord Traits and Stratagems in addition to the ones soon to be seen in this Codex Supplement.
Blood Angels vs Tyranids
Being a new player in the 9th Edition of Warhammer 40,000, I'm not familiar with the intricacies of Blood Angels Stratagems. I know they like to get close, and they hit like a truck. Let's take a look at one of the Stratagems that help define this Chapter.
Red Rampage
Blood Angels are known for their wargear. Check out this Warlord Trait that allows them to take a Special-issue Wargear Relic.
Artisan of War
Blood Angels vs Tyranids
This next piece was a bit of a surprise to me. Not only does the supplement include five Blood Angel specific Relics, but there are two Flesh Tearers exclusives. Icon of the Angel gives a 6" re-roll charge aura.
Icon of the Angel
The Warhammer Community team also showed off a piece of Blood Angels wargear called Magna-Grapple
I wonder if there are any more previews in store for us before pre-orders go up this weekend?

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