Warhammer 40,000 Battleforce Christmas Boxes Revealed

Warhammer 40,000 Battleforce Christmas Boxes Revealed

I have been looking forward to this release for months, and I couldn't be more excited. Let's take a look at some of the battleforce boxes revealed for this holiday season. I'm sure some new additions have been made to gift lists with this announcement. Let's take a look at what they have to offer. 

First up is the Space Marines - Interdiction Force

Stealth is the name of the game with this Vanguard themed battlebox. It includes: a Captain in Phobos Armour, 10 Infiltrators/Incursors, 10 Reivers, an Invictor Tactical Warsuit, and an Impulsor transport. I run Ultramarines, so I am always looking at Space Marines with that perspective first. Lately though, I have been getting the itch to add a few units to other chapters as the opportunity presents itself. One of the chapters I have been most interested in adding is Raven Guard. And boy, does this box scream Raven Guard. All this phobos armor is going to look good in black.

Necrons - Eradication Legion

It's not secret that Necrons have taken off in 9th edition, and I too have joined in the fray. The amount of units they have access to has doubled, and their play style is totally different than other armies you see in 40k. After just a first glance, I knew I had to have this box set. It includes: 10 Warriors, 3 Canoptek Scarabs, 5 Immortals / Deathmarks, 5 Triarch Praetorians / Lychguard, a Canoptek Spyder, a Triach Stalker, a Doomscyth / Nightscythe, and a technomancer. More warriors and scarabs are a bonus, as I plan on having up to 80 warriors and 15 scarabs in a list. I want to try out a unit of 10 deathmarks in a shooty list. Praetorians are missing from my collection. I also need the Canoptek Spyder for my Canoptek focused list. Many lists are running two Technomancers and finally the Doomscythe and Triach Stalker just look awesome on the table.

Astra Militarum - Bastion Platoon

I'm not totally familiar with the faction formerly known as the Imperial Guard. From discussions I have read online, some have been disappointed to not see more Leman Russ Tanks in this box. However, I know there are many Astra Militarum players that are already full up on Leman Russ. This box looks to be a good choice to help hobbyists flush out more of this faction. It includes: 20 Guardsman, a Command Squad with officer, a Heavy Weapon Squad and a Sentinel / Scout Sentinel, Chimera, and a Hydra / Wyvern.

Chaos Space Marines - Decimation Warband

Abaddon's heretical followers get some attention with the Decimation Warband. In it, you will find 10 Chaos Space Marines, 5 Havocs, 5 Chaos Terminators, a Maulerfiend / Forgefiend, and a Chaos Lord.

T'au Empire - Starpulse Cadre

Many of my friends have been pushing me to get into T'au. I have to admit, they look great. I know T'au are struggling in 9th edition, but I hold out hope that a new codex will change that. With that being said, I'm not going to pass up an opportunity like this to kickstart another Xenos faction. In this box you will find 10 Fire WArriors, 10 Pathfinders, 3 Crisis Battlesuits, 1 Broadside Battlesuit, a Piranha, a Commander, and Drones.

Tyranids - Brood Swarm

James likes Alien. James likes Warhammer 40k. James Loves Tyranids... James has called dibs on this box. Inside includes: 16 Genestealers, 10 Gargoyles, 3 Hive Guard / Tyrant Guard, an Exocrine / Haruspex, and Hive Tyrant / The Swarmlord.

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