Soulblight Gravelords Pre-orders Announced

Soulblight Gravelords Pre-orders Announced

Soulblight Gravelords Header

Soulblight Gravelords

Grand Alliance Death is getting some reinforcements as a new faction enter from the realm of Shyish. The vampire lords and their underlings get a full blown battletome available for pre-order Saturday May 15th.

Blood Knights Art

Newly redesigned kits are also being released to help support the Soulblight Gravelords. New models for Deathrattle Skeletons and Deadwalker Zombies will be available for pre-order Saturday.

Deathrattle Skeletons

Deadwalker Zombies

If you are looking for some speed to help fill out your new Soulblight Army, there are some new Fell Bats and a Blood Knight cavalry.

Fell Bats

Blood Knights

To lead your undead army into battle, you are going to need some Vampire Lords. First up is the unnamed Vampire Lord on foot.

Vampire Lord

You can also choose for the Queen of the Avengorii Dynasty to lead your army, Lauka Vai, the Mother of Nightmares.

Lauka Vai

Don't forget to kit out your new army with matching Warscroll Cards and themed dice.

Soulblight Warscroll Cards

Soulblight Gravelords Dice

 Adeptus Titanicus Header

Belicosa Volcano Canon

This week you grab a new Warbringer Nemesis Titan. It sports a Belicosa Volcano Canon, some of the heaviest firepower found outside of a starship. This is a resin add-on available from Forge World.

Belicosa Volcano Canon

 Black Library Header


Gotrek Gurnisson is back! Follow Gotrek on his green-slaying journey into the heart of the fungal empire of Skragrott.


Undeath Ascendant & A Dynasty of Monsters

Dive into the background of your new Soulblight Gravelords with two new books from Black Library. 

Undeath Ascendant is a Vampire Counts omnibus, including three novels and three short stories.

A Dynasty of Monsters tells the tale of a free city having to make an uneasy alliance with the Mother of Nightmares to stem the tide of Chaos.

Undead Ascendant

A Dynasty of Monsters

White Dwarf Header

White Dwarf 464

This month's issue features fan favorite, the Fallen. Check out our in-depth preview here.

White Dwarf 464

Citadel Colour Header

Saturday sees the launch of a whole new line of synthetic paint brushes from Citadel labeled STC. We will have to see more about what role and need the brushes will fill. You can bet we are going to do a review when we get our hands on them.

STC Brushes

Pre-orders are available Saturday at 10am Pacific time.

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