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Big pre-orders for Saturday, March 20th. Although, Drukhari is grabbing the headlines, there are Black Library and Warhammer Underworlds releases as well.
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The big one this week is the Piety and Pain box set. 
Piety and Pain
This great set includes two armies - Adepta Sororitas and Drukhari, along with a 32-page campaign book that includes: datasheets, missions, Crusade rules, and Theatre of War rules for urban arenas. This box is heavily allocated, so make sure to pre-order yours early. This box also brings a whopping $141 in value.
The Adepta Sororitas side of the box includes five Retributors, two Armorium Cherubs, an Immolator, and a Palantine. The Palantine is a new Battle Sisters hero only available in this box set.
Adepta Sororitas
The Drukhari side of the box comes with a fast Wych Cult group lead by an updated Lelith Hesperax (only available in this box). She is joined by ten Wyches, five Scourges, and a venom.
Piety & Pain Drukhari
The new Codex: Drukhari brings some awesome new rules changes that Drukhari players new and old won't want to miss.
Codex Drukhari
One of the new rules changes is the ability to easily mix Kabals, Wych Cults, and Haemonculus Covens in the same army. That allows you take the Wych Cult focused Piety & Pain box, and mix it with the Kabal focussed Combat Patrol: Drukhari. This boxed set contains 18 plastic models, that contains: an Archon, 10 Kabalite Warriors, 5 Incubi, a Raider, and a Ravager.
Combat Patrol Drukhari
New codex, means new datacards and Drukhari themed dice.
Datacards Drukhari
Drukhari Dice
This weekend, a new campaign is launching as well. Get your hands on the first book in the War Zone Charadon series, The Book Of Rust. Tychus leads his Death Guard against the Ad Mech forge world Metalica. There are also new rules in here for Adeptus Mechanicus, Death Guard, Imperial Knights, and Drukhari.
The Book of Rust
Following up on the wildly successful Beyond the Veil crusade pack is the latest Crusade mission pack, Plague Purge. This book includes the basic rules to Warhammer 40,000 and works alongside the rules found in The Book of Rust.
Plague Purge
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The Seraphon make their Warhammer Underworlds debut with the Starblood Stalkers.
Starblood Stalkers
The Starblood Stalkers are a balanced warband that can built built to play many different play styles. This set also includes 30 universal cards that can be used with any warband.
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New plastic isn't the only thing going up for sale this weekend. Black Library is also releasing three new books.
First up is Silent Hunters, a novel that follows the fan favorite Carcharodons (Space Sharks) Space Marines chapter. This harback book written by Edoardo Albert, the story follows Chaplain Manu as he hunts down an artefact of his Chapter that leads him to the Drukhari city of Commorragh.
Silent Hunters
Blood of the Emperor is a six story anthology that explores the history of the primarchs during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.
Blood of the Emperor
Finally, Manflayer by Josh Renolds is coming to paperback. The third novel in the Fabius Bile trilogy sees the former apothecary attempt to see through his New Men project.

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