Necromunda House of Artifice Available For Preorder

House Van Saar Necromunda Preorder

This week's Necromunda release focuses on the House of Artifice. This house is made of the Van Saar clan, the most technologically advanced house in the Underhive.

The House of Artifice book reimagines the rules for the Van Saar clan and includes new fighters, tactics, alliances, and ways to craft your own tech.

 Necromunda House of Artifice

Along with the book are the new Archeotek and Neotek models. Archeoteks are experienced gang members sporting some of the most advanced House Van Saar tech. Neoteks are young gangers zipping throught he Underhive on their grav-cutters.

Archeoteks and Neoteks

As always, with any new faction release, we have Van Saar Gagn Tactics Cards and a beautiful set of Van Saar themed dice.

Van Saar Gang Tactics CardsHouse Van Saar Themed Dice

Preorder from the webstore today to guarantee your copy for release.

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