Necromunda: Hive War Pre-order Date Announced


Necromunda Hive War Header
The new releases from Games Workshop resume, with the new Necromunda Hive War box set going up for pre-order on May 8th. Let's head down to the Underhive and see what's inside this new starter set.
Necromunda Hive War
It wouldn't be a good starter set if it didn't include the core rulebook. However, this Hive War version of the rulebook includes tweaks and all the updated errata. In addition to the rules, this book contains a set of escalating tutorial scenarios to help you learn the game. Lastly basic rules and unique weapons for the six Clan Houses are included as well.
Two full gangs are included in Hive War. Gang Escher is known for their speed and poisons. Delaque uses information as their main weapon. These model kits can be assembled as Leaders, Champions, and Gangers, while coming with a bunch of loadout options.
Under Hive Board
Hive War Terrain
Included is plenty of terrain to get you through the scenarios in the book. It's all compatible with the Zone Mortalis terrain sets. Which, by the way, I would love for Games Workshop to produce. I've had the Gang Stronghold on order since a month after release.
Necromunda Cards
Necromunda: Hive War has all the tokens, dice, rulers, and cards you need to play a game of Necromunda.

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