Kickstarter Watchlist: Upzone Pop Up Terrain

Kickstarter Terrain

Awesome Kickstarter from Upzone. They have created an entire pop-up terrain system that can be used for wargames like Warhammer, and RPGs like Pathfinder. Check them out on Kickstarter. Upzone Pop-Up Terrain Kickstarter

Very often now days, Kickstarter is simply used as a pre-order storefront. It was been successful for market research and funding gaming products. Everyday there is a new, great board game, terrain set or miniature that is launching on Kickstarter. Every so often though, there is something that makes you read the whole campaign and just say, "wow." 

In my opinion, the best Kickstarter campaigns are the ones that I didn't even know I needed. This is a great example. I'm a bit newer to the hobby, but my terrain collection is starting to grow. Our group started playing Pathfinder towards the end of 2019. For most of that time, we strictly stuck to the 2D maps provided in the Adventure Paths. That's when Drew purchased a 3D printer. We started to print scatter and doors to help enhance our games. This summer, a coworker got me into Warhammer. Books and tissue rolls weren't going to cut it, so I went on a terrain buying spree for Warhammer 40,000.

Now I'm at the point where I want not just more terrain, but varied terrain as well. Pretty soon I know I'm going to start bumping up against the storage wall. As we continue to build out our store and game area, I know I want to let players have different table options. Upzone let's you set up a wide array of tables quickly and efficiently, not to mention it looks fantastic. This pop-up terrain system is budget friendly and doesn't take up a lot of space. We are still a very mobile group that packs up our gear and plays in many different places.

I don't back many Kickstarter projects, but this one has my pledge.

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