Games Workshop Reveals Necromunda 2021 Roadmap

Necromunda Preview

Necromunda Header
Necromunda is the Games Workshop boxed game I'm looking forward to getting into the most. That plague doctor looking model they released recently on Forge World looks amazing. I even picked up the new Gang Stronghold terrain that just came out. Games Workshop has really thrown their support behind this game the past year and look to keep that support going for the foreseeable future.
Necromunda Upcoming Books
Necromunda Battle Scene
Necromunda Roadmap
It looks like we are going to be seeing a house update with matching model releases once a quarter. If the recent quality is anything to go by, I'm sure some of my hobby dollars will be going towards these releases.
Games Workshop also stated that concept art that is already shown in many of the games' publications will be getting models. Those model releases will have their own previews in the near future. The model they teased in this announcement is the Master Nautican shown below.
Necromunda Master Nautican

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