Games Workshop Pre-orders Are Back

Games Workshop Pre-orders Are Back

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Warhammer Fest Online
No in person Warhammer Fest this year, so they are bringing it online. In this situation we are in, Games Workshop seems to be moving forward in pushing things online. After the success of this years Black Library Celebration, Games Workshop has something similar in store for us with Warhammer Fest. Even when things go back, I hope that Games Workshop continues to push some of this content forward to create inclusive events.
There will be daily live shows on the Warhammer TV Twitch that start at 10am Pacific.
Warhammer Fest Schedule
We knew that Hive War was going up for pre-order this week, but I didn't expect such a wide product release on their first week back of new releases.
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This week we have a brand new Necromunda starter set, Hive War. It includes everything you need to start playing the game, including an updated rule book, and two full gangs. Play as either House Escher, or House Delaque in Hive Primus.
Hive War Full Box
Hive war includes 10 models from each gang, and includes a large selection of loadout options.
Gang Models
Hive War includes a new up to date 104-page softback rule book. It includes narrative, rules, and a selection of scenarios to get you going.
Necromunda Rulebook
What else is included? Inside you will find modular terrain, a two-sided game board, blast templates, dice, data cards, and tokens.
Hive War Box Contents
Also releasing are weapons and upgrades kits for Escher and Goliath. Get your gangers to look exactly how you want. them.
Escher Upgrades
Goliath Upgrades
Warhammer Underworlds Direchasm Header

Hedrakka's Madmob

This week we have a new warband made up of four feral Orruks. It's a new Bonesplitterz warband that plays in an aggro style. Of course, we are sure to see some silly Orruk fun, but also powerful.

Hedkrakka’s Madmob

Warhammer Underworlds: Silent Menace Universal Deck

With Silent Menace, we see our second card only expansion for Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm, but this time with all new cards. All the cards are universal, and it contains 32 cards: 12 Objectives, 10 Gambits, and 10 Upgrades. All of the cards are themed around Beastgrave's Silent People. This deck does not include an Spell Cards, so every card can be used by every warband.

Silent Menace

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 Warriors and Warlords

Warriors and Warlords is a new paperback collection of short stories from the 40k universe. Some of my favorite Black Library authors contributed to this collection including: Guy Haley, Graham McNeill, Rachel Harrison and Chris Wraight.

Warriors and Warlords

Sisters of Battle: The Book of Martyrs

The Boo of Martyrs is three Sisters of Battle stories rolled into one hardback book. Stories by Danie Ware Alec Worley, and Phil Kelly can be found inside.

The Book of Martyrs

Fire Made Flesh

Some Necromunda fiction. I have been waiting to dive into some Necromunda, and have been waiting until a new starter set came out. Well, it's here and so is some new underhive ficiton. Inside of Fire Made Flesh, The Tempes Sol of the Guild of Light seeks secrets in the Fallen Dome of Periculus. You can find this new Necromunda novel in paperback.

Sons of Sanguinius: A blood Angels Omnibus

Over twenty short stories and novellas are included in this ultimate omnibus for Blood Angels fans and their successor Chapters. This paperback includes stories written by Dan Abnett, James Swallow, Gav Thorpe, Andy Smillie, Guy Haley, David Annandale and more.

Sons of Sanguinius

Stay tuned this week for more Warhammer Fest coverage all week long.

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