Games Workshop Citadel Paint Line Expanding

Games Workshop Citadel Paint Line Expanding

Games Workshop's Citadel paint line getting a big boost to the Contrast and Shade paint ranges.

Check below for every new pot that's hitting the range.

Citadel New Paints

New Contrast Paints

In 2019, Citadel Colour released Contrast paints. This added a great tool to the toolbox of miniature painters everywhere. Casual players have used them to help easily get their armies painted, while professional painters have learned to use the properties of Contrast paints to up the level of their paint jobs.

With 25 new paints, the Contrast line now has something for everything. The new paints cover a wide range of bright, vibrant, drab and dark.

 warp-fuelled and wonderful

Above are some of the strongest and vibrant new colors. First is Frostheart, a bright light blue. Next is Kroxigor Scales, a great darker skink color. Striking Scorpion Green, the brightest Contrast green yet. Imperial Fist Yellow is great for.... Aeldari Emerald is perfect for the teal accents you find on many Drukhari and Aeldari units. I'm super curious to see how Luxion Purple fits in as Magos Purple is already one of my favorite paints.

Rich and Regal

Up next are 6 new, bright core colors. This includes Mamadroth Flame, Baal Red, Asurmen Blue, Doomfire Magenta, Karandras Green, and Bad Moon Yellow.

Ethereal and Earie

These paints do a great job of giving me a ready to go pot, of something I was already using Contrast paints for. Briar Queen Chill , Pylar Glacier, Dreadful Visage, Mantis Warriors Green, and gutrippa Flesh are all pretty thin Contrast paints. This allows you to layer paints and colors, utilizing the transparancy of the Contrast range to your advantage. These pots also look like they have a more matt finish than would would have if you used Contrast medium with a different Contrast paint.

 Steadfast and Grounded

 Eight great dark, bold Contrast paints are being added to the arsenal. Celstium Blue gets you those great blues for Sigmar's army. Stormfiend is a vibrant dark teal. Sigvald Burgendy, a color of the vain warrior himself. Garaghak's Sewer is great for tarnished metals. Black Legion is great for skuffed armor and gun holsers. Ratling Grime adds a great weathering color. Ironjawz Yellow for the Orruk boyz. Finally Leviathan Purple adds the true purple for the most famous Hive Fleet.

A Shade Better

Citadel's Shades (washes) have been completely reformulated. This includes a reformulation of their current line. Seven new colors are entering the Shade range. Mortarion Grime give a dark, grimy yellow. Tyran Blue and Berserker Bloodshade gives you more red and blue options to add to Carroburg Crimson and Drakenhoff Nightshade. Soulblight Grey gives you a good half step that many painters have found using thinned Apothecary White in the past.

Note that the four gloss shades:  Nuln Oil Gloss, Agrax Earthshade Gloss, Reikland Fleshshade Gloss, and Cryptek Armourshade Gloss are leaving the range.

New Colors

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