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Death Guard Next Week
This Sunday, January 17 The much anticipated Death Guard releases go up for preorder. Let's dive into the preview video!
Although there have been plenty of rules previews, we finally get all the context to put those rules together. Here is the first codex of 2021.
Death Guard Codex
This book has lore, art, and those crunchy crunchy rules, allowing you to battle on the tabletop at the behest of Nurgle.
Death Guard Datacards
Keep those new rules close at hand while playing with the new Death Guard Datacards. I like the look of that cardback!
Combat Patrol: Death Guard
The chosen of Nurgle arrive with a new Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol box that help you on your campaign of contagion. Included are Typhus, Herald of Nurgle, Plague Marines, Poxwalkers, and a Biologus Putrifier. A great way to start a new army.
Death Guard Lord of Virulence
This model has been previewed for quite some time and it's finally here. The new Lord of Virulence, clad in mutilated Terminator armor, ready to blast some blessings of Nurgle from his plague spewer.
Death Guard Miasmic Malignifier
I'm looking forward to building a Nurgle themed board, and you can count on the Miasmic Malignifier being an integral part of it. Don't sleep on the rules either, as it helps your Contagions of Nurgle spread further and faster.
Death Guard Chosen of Mortarion
These three champions come in a set call the Chosen of Mortarion. These amazing sculpts and some great character to your army. Keep in mind that these are Special Order, so please email us or reach out on social if you are interested.
Death Guard go up for preorder this Sunday, January 17. Reserve yours now!

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