Be'lakor, First Daemon Prince of Chaos Model Reveal

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New Model Monday
He goes by many names: the Dark Master, Shadowlord of Mordheim, First True Servant of the Dark Gods, Orginal Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided. Be'lakor is back with a fantastic, large new sculpt.
Be'lakor is getting a great new miniature that just looks incredible. The first to gain favor with all four Dark Gods, his downfall was caused by his own hubris. He has spent his time trying to recover his former glory. His latest plan will be played out in the next chapter of the Broken Realms saga. Below is the cover of the third book in the series.
Broken Realms 3
The mortal realms can't have all the fun. Be'lakor will be making himself known in Warhammer 40,000 as well. 
Be'lakor Warhammer 40,000
If you look down at his feet, you will see a new Primaris Lieutenant. To get a sense of scale, check out this photo of Be'lakor surrounded by Chaos Daemons.
Chaos Daemons
What an epic model. I can't wait.

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