9th Edition Drukhari Codex Gets Its First FAQ

Drukhari Warhammer 40k

You can find the fully published FAQ here.

Drukhari could be the most hotly contested Codex release of 9th Edition so far. We are a month out from the the Codex: Drukhari release and we get our first set of tweaks. While many were hoping for a big beat down with the nerf bat, that doesn't match the trend we have been seeing with post codex FAQs in 9th Edition. Mostly the first FAQ after a Codex has been fixing errors and clarifying rules to bring them closer to intent.

The two Succubus combo that is currently trampling all over GTs the past two weeks is located in The Book of Rust. So we will have to wait for that FAQ to see if there is going to be a change. 

Agile Hunters

Agile Hunters was changed to read that it adds 3" of move to a unit using the Combat Drug Hypex instead of 2". This looks like an error that was corrected as it previously read that it adds 4" to move instead of 3." However, Hypex only added 2" so while it's a nerf, it's not a big one and is simply fixing a mistake.

Diabolical Soothsayer

The folks out there trying to poke holes in a new codex found that a Haemoculus could trigger the bonus every time disembarked from a transport. The new wording closing that loophole and the bonus triggers once per game.

Take Them Alive

This change in wording adds some specificity so that it's clear that Take Them Alive applies once per battle round.

Master Nemesine

Changes +1 to wound to re-roll 1's to wound. Normally this would be a nerf, but it's actually a buff? Haemonculi have low strength most of their damage comes from poisons, which only trigger on unmodified wound rolls. We will have to wait and see if this makes any significant difference.

Reaver Points

They are 20 points. Most of the GTs over the past few weekends have been playing this way anyway. Good to see the official rules fall in line.

Animus Vertae

Clarifies that Animus Vertae only triggers if the weapon hits.


Hopefully Drukhari doesn't follow the 9th Ed trend we have seen where the Codex gets stronger/strongest two months out from release. Although this shouldn't change casual lists that much, some trimming of the sharp edges that Drukhari have right now may help the competitive meta.

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